• Engineering and design / Mechanical completion
  • Interface management / Construction management
  • Commissioning and handover services
  • Power Station Inspection and Testing

Welcome to the pages of Platforma K company!

Since 2004, Platforma K has been providing services on international EPC projects in Oil & Gas Industry. Our biggest asset is multidisciplinary and multilingual personnel with years of experience gathered through the successful completion of numerous major and highly complex projects, implementing their knowledge both onshore and offshore. We are a team of dedicated individuals that can successfully manage all project phases and put that experience into practice and respond to the client’s specific requirements. 

Construction Management

Construction can have many drawbacks as a project, from bad contracting and poor project documentation, to the incompetent contractor.

Interface Management

For the project to be successful, it’s important to position the right person on the right place, but even more important is to do it on the projects very beginning.

Commissioning and Handover

To finish the object and hand it over to the client is the aim of every project, but at the same time it is the most critical phase of the project.

Engineering and documentation developing

Various experiences achieved during construction, supervision, commissioning and handover of process plants, related to the engineering - key element of every project, have stimulated us to take part in the engineering too.

Mechanical Completion

The Integrity testing of equipment elements and systems to ensure that they have been constructed and installed in accordance with design drawings and specifications and meet the specified requirements.

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