Interface Management

For the project to be successful, it’s important to position the right person on the right place, but even more important is to do it on the projects very beginning. More parties involved in the project increase the interfaces number and scope.

These guys interface with all the project team, client, top management, planning, engineering, construction, commissioning, parties like vendors and third parties, organizing the communication channels considering the geographical dislocation of involved parties. Controlling and presenting these information, the possibility of reaching the projects milestones in time increases.

As a project’s size, geographic distribution and number of participants increase so does the number and scope of interfaces. Without proactive and consistent control over these interfaces, project risk accelerates, project will delay and cost overrun is assured. In the end of the day all kinds of substantial information get jammed with no one to send, or worse no one to reply.

In oil & gas business when an EPC contract is underway, the schedule is tight and usual requirements refer to:

  • Maintaining all design and procurement related communications, documents and records.
  • Logging and closeout all design and Procurement related Variances, Change Proposals and Variations to contract
  • Ensuring that all reviews actions are closed
  • Planning Audits on design and procurement activities of contractor, participate in audits and inspections, identify non-conformances and corrective actions and monitor follow up
  • Tracking and expediting critical equipment and materials
  • Ensuring that all design deliverables are mandated
  • Expediting certificates

A large amount of information circulating on a daily basis between various project disciplines, on which someone has to provide a response in time. Questions and answers related to the document details, documentation, certification, ATEX requirements, comments on the documents whether they’re clients, third parties or any other party included in the project.

This is where the right place for interface management. Updating exchanged data keeping in mind their the due date and projects milestones, in that way prioritizing the conclusions and in best way providing support to ongoing activities.