Power Quality

Power quality is based on the extent of variation of the voltage and current waveforms from ideal pure sinusoidal waveforms of fundamental frequency.

Power quality problems are expensive and to improve the power quality, it is necessary to know what kind of disturbances occurred. We offer to our clients a power quality monitoring, measurement which will allow data analysis in order to locate problems and address the issues.

In house equipment is Industrial PQA Metrel MI2892 with accuracy IEC 61000-4-30 Class A, ±0.1% of nominal voltage.


  • Energy consumption optimization;
  • Power quality assessment and troubleshooting in low and middle voltage electrical systems;
  • Checking power correction equipment performance;
  • Long-term analysis;
  • Predictive maintenance;
  • Verification of electrical system capacity before adding loads.
  • Voltage: TRMS, peak, crest factor (4-channel);
  • Current: TRMS, peak, crest factor (4-channel);
  • Power (active, reactive, apparent);
  • Power measurements fully compliant with
  • IEEE 1459 (active, non-active, harmonic, load unbalance) and classic (vector or arithmetic) method;
  • VFD (variable frequency drives);
  • Unbalance, flicker measurement;
  • Harmonic and interharmonic analysis up to
  • 50th harmonics, THD measurement;
  • Energy (active, reactive, generated, consumed);
  • Capturing and recording of power supply events (shutdowns, interruptions, swells, dips);
  • Inrush currents monitoring and recording;
  • Waveform/inrush displaying, snapshot and recording;
  • Transients recording;
  • Power quality analysis according to EN 50160, IEEE 519;
  • Recording up to 7 adjustable alarms;
  • Temperature measurement;
  • Power factor cos φ.